This is a function associated with the formation and development of Vietnam IVC. We have gathered force the price appraisers and experts have moral qualities, capacity and experience in many fields. IVC Vietnam is always committed to the accuracy and truthfulness of the valuation results, always satisfy the legitimate requirements of customers with attentive service, and professional liability.

We provide valuation services assets including real estate values, the value of machinery and equipment, transport means ... .. and determine the enterprise value for the following purposes:

1. Base approve budget expenditures State.

2. To estimate, estimates approval of projects and works.

3. Mortgage Bank loans.

4. Purchasing or selling debt settlement, collateral handling, outstanding assets.

5. Auction Assets.

6. Bids for the project.

7. Contribute, joint venture, dissolution, merger, mergers, acquisitions.

8. Resolution, asset handling disputes in the case.

9. Accounting Accounting taxed.

10. Determining Insured value.

11. Buy, sell, rent and lease of assets of all kinds in all sectors of the economy.

12. basis of land use State budget allocation receipt or lease.

13. Shares of enterprises or transformation of corporate ownership.