Appraisal means of transport

The basic problem of valuation transport means including the means of transport by road, waterway, airway used.


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1. Overview of valuation vehicles

According to Article 4 of Ordinance No. 40/2002 / PL-UBTVQH10 May 10, 2002 stipulates: "Appraisal is an assessment or reassessment asset value consistent with the market at a given time under Vietnam standards or international practices ".

In other words, valuation is an estimate of the value of the ownership of specific assets in the form of cash for one purpose has been defined in terms of a particular market with the means appropriate. Depending on each case, the specific purpose of the appraisal, valuation of assets as a means of transport used is applied concepts market value or the non-market value as the basis for valuation.

2. Why should Valuation vehicles

- The market of transport means used is a very complex market by vehicle type, model varies include import cars, domestic car assembly, vehicle restraint, converted or upgraded (degrees) should have quality, quality remaining proportion of the means uneven, difficult to compare products.

- Market Transformation road vehicles used to the large number and the need to exchange more by the need to use varies depending on income, personal preferences of the user. The valuation of vehicles used is complicated by the standards of the vehicle due to poor synchronization of vehicles or altered depending on the process used, exploited or hobby all means.

- Market prices for means of transport used are also significantly affected by the level of imports, the ability, the capacity of locally assembled vehicles imported or personal income levels in society. Thus under the influence of transport, new transport should market transportation means used are also factors affecting production comes from the intervention of the State as import taxes and fees registration, fuel prices ...

 There are five common methods of valuation means of transport used Road:

- Comparison method / direct comparison

- Methods of cost (cost method)

- The income method (also called the investment method or methods of capitalization)

- Method profit (or cost accounting method)

- Residual method (or methods of business analysis / development assumptions)
 3. Purpose of valuation transport road transport used:

- Purchase, sale, transfer, pledge, mortgage or bank loan.

- Insurance and asset compensation

- Serve financial leasing

- Calculate the tax and accounting bookkeeping, financial statements.

- Investment and capital contributions enterprises equitisation.

- Valuation of investment.

- Other purposes

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