Business Valuation

Business Valuation "is understood and widely acknowledged as the investigation and detailed analysis of the activities, assets, debits, assess the activities, assets and debits of companies, valuation and potential existence of a business.

1. Overview of Business Valuation

Business Valuation is understood and widely acknowledged as the:
- Investigate and analyze in detail the activities, assets and debits
- Assess the activities, assets and debits of the company
- Determine the value and the potential existence of a business.

2. The purpose of the enterprise valuation

- Issue of shares, sell shares to the public

- Proof of financial capacity

- Reforming the business, improve business efficiency

- Serve to equitisation, joint venture capital contribution

- Trade, business mergers (M & A)

- Establishment or dissolution of the enterprise

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 3. Who can use the service business valuation

- The private companies, organizations and state enterprises

- Have been prepared equitisation
- It is expected that there will be significant changes in ownership or capital structure of the company: mergers, joint ventures, cooperation, transfer of capital, acquisitions or franchise ...
- Prepare to issue bonds for the first time to the public
- Is on the rise and widen the scope of activities, or to change the organization of production and business.

4. The content should Valuation

The evaluation of key areas during "The enterprise value":

- The objective elements:

+ Industry Analysis

+ The impact of the situation and the national economic trend

+ Competitive factors outside

- The subjective factors:

+ The financial statements - Ensures accuracy.

+ Assets - Authentication value, status, and ownership.

+ Human resources - Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the staff.

+ Sales Strategy - Analysis of sales policies, including the evaluation of the effectiveness and inefficient

+ Marketing - Review the effectiveness of the program, marketing strategy

+ Activities - assess areas of activity of the company

+ Competitors - Understand and grasp the threat of potential competition.

+ Internal Management System - Effective yet? There needs improvement?

+ The legal issues - tax, capital structure ...

+ The contracts and leases

+ System vendors - Reliability as the terms of trade

5. The method of business valuation

- Method of net assets value

- Method discounted dividend flows

- Method of discounting profits

- Discounted cash flow method

- Methods coefficient price / earnings (P / E)

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