Valuation of real estate, where to rely on?

Real Estate meet what would be required to sell the price? The house is like this, then how much it would correct the value of tangible and intangible that it has?


Valuation of real estate, where to rely on?

Therefore, there are many banks, real estate companies providing consulting services real estate valuation solves this need.

Go find market prices

Services real estate valuation service which, real estate companies will examine and provide market price of real estate for clients. To obtain an accurate valuation, a property must have full legal records. Based on that, the company will go real estate, survey and provide evaluation report within 2-3 days.

Property prices offered by the market value, the estimated price will be traded in the market at the time of valuation, a buyer and willing seller market transaction.

Price estimated company allowed difference of 5 - 7% compared with the market price. Consulting fees typically 300,000 for a report; for land, farm the minimum distance is 600,000.

Hien said: "You've been counseling her mortgage, and bought good apartment in a residential building in Tan Binh District, should introduce her. Buy house is an investment in long-term place for families and children. Pricing and bad aspects of the house, to not be marginalized ".

For buyers will avoid buying "gaffe", without leaving the shortfalls, deceived. As the seller, the price close to the market, while the transaction is accelerating, not elongated. Unlike the situation ad groping ... heavenly price from month to month, not sold.

There are many practical experience of those who use the services of the company valuation. Because the real estate market is not transparent, so the assessed value is only valid reference.

For the seller, after having been assessed value, they would offer a higher price appraisal price 20-30%, hope buyers because like home, can accept. As for the buyer, after the evaluation results, should pay the price down 20-30%, hoping the seller for money so selling cheap.

Good feng shui, home prices rise?

"The report analyzes the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages house for customers to appreciate the house you want to buy or sell," said Hoa, Head of Service of Real Estate Company Sacombank (Sacomreal ) said.

Mr. Hoa said, the company is helping customers additional legal papers, consider the nature of the customer to help sell or find a convenient; Should housing counseling before or just selling platform for building it will benefit others more ...

After the assessment is completed, customers may use the purchase price in order to sell, or a bank loan. But there are other factors not included in the evaluation table, which is feng shui.

"The area around the house is very cool. Now before I buy, he said good feng shui. Putting this in the report is not? ", Hien questions. According to Hoa, feng shui is that most customers are interested in, a house will increase in value if feng shui is "merit" good. Should advertise this information when buying or selling a home.