Apply for enterprise branch Valuation

(together with the valuation standards of Vietnam No. 06)



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  1. The information on the enterprise branch Valuation
    - Company Name is responsible for branch operations, headquarters and sales office (if any).

    - Branch name and address of the head office and sales office addresses (if any).

  1. The basic information about the valuation
    - Information on the client asset valuation, valuation of contracts and / or a written request / proposal appraisal.

    - Name of the property valuation.

    - The time of valuation.

    - Purpose of valuation.

    - The sources of information used in the valuation process and the degree of inspection, evaluation of source information.

    - The legal basis for valuations.

  1. General information about the market, the information on market transactions of this category (type) asset valuation
    May include information such as:

    - Information about market overview

    - Food supply and demand situation and outlook of the group (type) asset valuation.

    - Analysis of the replacement property or compete.

    - Information on the factors of economic, social, and other factors that affect the value of assets valuation.

    - The other relevant information.

  1. About Asset Valuation
    Based on actual survey results, information collection and information analysis, presented information about the asset valuation under the guidance in Appendix 1 of this Standard.

  1. Basis of asset value Valuation
  2. Assumptions and special assumptions (if any).
  3. The approach, valuation method

a) approach, valuation methods applied.

- Specify based selection approach, valuation methods applied.

- If applying multiple valuation methods: specify the valuation method is the main method of valuation, valuation methods are used to test, compare and thence analyze, compute math to arrive at a final conclusion on the results of valuation.

- Where applicable only 01 valuation method, stating the reason.

b) Valuation of assets should Valuation

- Based on these approaches, valuation method selection; present arguments, analysis, evidence, data, spreadsheets, ... for the adjustment, calculated in the valuation process to determine the value of assets to valuation. The information and data used should be cited specific source.

- Results of valuation.

  1. The duration of effect of valuation results 
  2. These exclusions and limitations
  3. The Appendix to

- List all the documents and information relating to valuation.

- Documents showing legal and technical characteristics of the asset valuation (detailed instructions in Appendix 2 of this Standard).

- The actual survey results of asset valuation.

- Other matters related to the valuation (if any).

Report valuation results released by Vietnamese ....... originals (in case appraisal results report released by price 02 languages and over) together with valuation certificate No. ........... dated ..... / .... / ........ now .. <enterprise valuation / enterprise branch valuation> ...





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