Not that VietinBank appraisal for mortgage

Tombs were built from 1999 - 2001. 2004 built the tomb area was carried away Mortgage Bank in Vietinbank. Banks which have not yet authorized for mortgage ... this incident was caused a sensation fraud ... to more information from both sides, we jointly monitor developments below.

Mortgagee but not appraise?

In early May 4/2013, Vu Hong Khanh family (72, Kien An, Hai Phong) received notice of Vietinbank branch Le Chan - Haiphong than 1 billion debt collectors were sons His chief Vu Duc Hoa mortgagee of the land with his family mausoleum.

On 19/4, the application to the notice of Vietnam, Vu Hong Khanh urgent presentation: "This is a breach of ethics and family. My family was very indignant that Vietinbank branch Le Chan - Haiphong accept mortgage assets in the grave of his father, without to test, evaluate, they ignore loan appraisal ".

According to Khanh, dated 10.25.2004, he granted land use rights 350.2 m2 for eldest son Vu Duc Hoa to him custodians and incense smoke for grandparents. In the certificate of land ownership, the People's Committee of Kien An district, specifying 200 m2 for residential housing; 150.2 m2 gardening magazine.

"The distribution of land to garden and land in accordance with the law in the red book that land but I have built tombs from before, the local authority also said" - he said Khanh.

According to Mr Khanh Hoang Dai private enterprise (business to his son Khanh- pv) gave up business for a long time, no asset report to the authorities, the business premises of the enterprise Hoang Great no, now Royal University brought the family tomb of collateral do is wrong, because from past to present, what to do if anyone brought up mortgage graves.

"Section 350.2 m2 of land is no longer a place that has become part of my husband's grave. I have the bottom inscription of the tomb to wait until death, my wife and I will be buried here. Moreover, this place will become the worship of the whole family. Now I pump water to the pool, after the funeral, the offspring will be installed in shower "- Mr Khanh said.

"Deliberately built mausoleum after the mortgage is completely false!"

Prior notification of Vietinbank branch Le Chan - Haiphong think you deliberately build tombs on the land after it has been brought as collateral, he proved extremely indignant: "I built the mausoleum from 1999 to 2001, it completed, I assigned the right to use the land to his son in 2004, by 2012 it brought new as collateral, so is still unclear who is right, who say wrong? "

To demonstrate, he has to specify the date, month and year of completion are carved on the front and back at the tomb stele. Specifically, the front inscription is written:

"He, she left this heritage to their children join hands with hope generations, each member should be responsible for supervision, repair, refuge of the needy, when fully right wing ... Do not fence flying beards, preventing privatization golf share, divide exterior.

The direct descendants to live properly human meaning, loving support each other ... self-training the mind, mind, physical, aesthetic become useful, worthy ancestors.

Whenever he visited her grandparents please donate a flower is enough.

Expect pure descendants prosper, make correct guestbook grandparents

Hai Phong, October 25, 2001

Vu Hong Khanh "


Confirm Mr Khanh building tombs before being brought as collateral, Tran Minh Tuan, who design and construction Khanh tomb for him, currently the director of the Fine Arts JSC Tuan Thien, office 391, Hoang Quoc Vietnam, Kien An, Hai Phong said: "Works tomb officially started in early 1999 and completed by 25/10/2001, to date has been 14 years."

Also, on 18.04.2013, Tuan had written confirmation of the time started and finished for his tomb before the Bank Chongqing branch Vietinbank Le Chan - Hai Phong Khanh said he built the mausoleum on the land after the mortgage has been like in the notice.

Justify the Tuan said, his neighbor Khanh also confirmed: "I do not remember the date of construction of the tomb, but it has had more than ten years now."

Anh Duc, a close neighbor Khanh said: "This stone tomb long ago, it was completed around 2001, 2002".

Bank Vietinbank will resolve this incident like?