Why has the price of real estate around the West Lake lofty?

The number of housing projects being developed around the West Lake area is very low, therefore, real estate remains Westlake where many people are most concerned whenever a new project

In summary

-The Villa along the West Lake worth millions of dollars, or luxury apartments for sale tens of billion. However, the area around West Lake is still where the rich suck down for housing, foreigners prefer rent, buy and live here.

The economic motive of this, many experts say the West Lake area, besides having a beautiful location on feng shui, the more important it is the ideal habitat.

Planning creates value

If you look on the planning, the West Lake from hundreds of years ago, this area has become very interesting places of world architecture and administration Those buildings like the 20th century mansion house, school school, flower garden, where nursery trees, ... far remain valid.

West Lake area became the subject of the planning study of many famous architects. Beginning from 1923, a French architect who was already planning esnes Hebrad Westlake area become a "huge park", in 1949 Louis Georges Pineau architect has planned Westlake as a "success garden city ", and in 1959 West Lake area is planned south development with the construction of Quan Ngua to 1991, Planning Institute of Civil Engineering planned several new hotels, restaurants ... around Westlake .

It was from there, Hanoi always interested in planning issues in this area, and always determine which is the landscape, the new center of the capital.

To date, the planning of the West Lake and its vicinity has been passed with a total area of up to 993ha, but an estimated population of only about 58,000 people coming in 2050. This is a tourist service center, cultural and recreational, ecological sanctuary cities ...

A living space that's noteworthy that more than 60% of the area is green space and water, which face West Lake is preserved with a large area up to 525ha, perimeter to 16km.

Urban land in the West Lake area is planned not only 23% more total area of 228ha and approximately equivalent to 1.27% is land offices, headquarters, office, commercial, ...


Real estate is always more expensive

These villas West Lake known for value and luxury, the oligarchs, the elite always choose real estate in this area to show class. Each villa has cost millions of dollars. Even the apartment is well worth tens of billion.

This can be easily seen in some real estate projects this area, such as Golden Westlake Apartments for sale for about $ 60-75 million / m2, apartment Watermark sold with prices around on 50 million / m2;

Or recently, Tan Hoang Minh Group has just started construction and launch Apartments D '. Le Roi Soleil - Guang'an, located at the crossroads Dang Thai Mai and Xuan Dieu. The apartment project is also sold at high price ranges from 70-80 million / m2. With an area of 83m2 -333m2, apartment projects worth up to tens of billion.

However, according to the investor also has over 50% of the project's 498 apartments have owners. This project is the only high-rise housing on the peninsula Guang'an allowed to build houses for sale permanently red book.

A real estate developer is also leading the study, ramping up to deploy a combination of high real estate projects on Thuy Khue street level.

The number of housing projects being developed around the West Lake is very low, therefore, real estate remains Westlake where many people are most concerned whenever a new project. However, the property that the area is also very picky guest.

With real estate leasing, West Lake area is always considered a favorite place for foreigners. According to research by Savills, the region now has about 12 projects with 950 apartments rooms, high rent after Hoan Kiem 2nd. Because the area is so popular here occupancy pretty good, at 82%. Although area apartment rate is quite high, typically as Fraser Suites serviced apartments, 51 Xuan Dieu offers 156m2 area of approximately 125m2 and rents of about 95-105 million / month.