Property Appraisal

Company IVC Vietnam valuation service providers Appraisal assets include:

- Valuation of real estate projects, housing, office space or buildings

- Assessment of the machinery

- Assessment of the transport means of the enterprise.

- Assessment of the value of intellectual property in technology, business processes or patents.

tham dinh gia tai san


The valuation of assets to serve the following purposes:

1. Base approve budget expenditures State.

2. To estimate, estimates the project approval, construction

3. Mortgage Bank loans.

4. Purchasing or selling debt settlement, collateral handling, outstanding assets.

5. Auctioned property.

6. Bids for the project.

7. Contribute, joint venture, dissolution, merger, mergers, acquisitions.

8. Resolution, asset handling disputes in the case.

9. Accounting Accounting taxed.

10. Determination of employee-specific insurance value.

11. Buy, sell, rent and lease of assets of all kinds of economic anhphan th.

12. basis of land use fees paid to the State budget allocation.

13. Shares of enterprises.

14. Determination of land prices in the service of th ường compensation, support clearance when

State recovers land close to the market in normal conditions.

15. Determining the price of resettlement apartment owned state line with market prices.

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