JSC Valuation IVC team experienced professionals, and combined with a team of collaborators are doctoral, master`s, appraisers, auditors, financial experts, banking line ... We are committed to implementing the valuation consulting to customers accurately and efficiently. Valuation IVC providing counseling services:
1, Project Procurement Consultant
- Consult the bidding procedures, procurement methods
- Advice and handling situations arising in the bidding process
- Advising and assessment records for the tenderer
- Consultancy for tenders for contractors
- Consulting support posting and providing procurement information
- Define and organize projects
- Planning Project
- Construction Project
- Evaluation of projects
- Management of the project
- Project finished
2, Investment Advisory
- Assessment of the investment environment
- Possible research
- Preparation of investment projects
- Registration of investment plans
- Establish business relations

tu van tham dinh gia

3, Financial Advisory business
As an area of ​​strategic services in long-term development plan of Vietnam IVC. With expertise and skills in the financial sector, and especially the knowledge gained by the experts of the IVC Vietnam has experienced in recent years on the financial markets, securities, trust IVC Vietnam the ability to meet the needs of each client, based on a deep understanding of the process of studying the financial situation and particular business and most of the business aspirations, thereby setting options counseling implementation and optimization for clients. We provide financial advisory services businesses comprehensive diversity and the areas of:
- Revision of the operational and financial review
- Consulting mergers, sale, merger and dissolution of the enterprise
- Restructuring Advisory business
- Consulting Equitisation
4, Provide information on prices
With a data base of price and storage built Full system modern information technology, IVC Appraisal always meet requirements to provide information about the prices of assets to customers quickly and Effective for multiple purposes such as the basis for deciding the buying and selling of property; estimating; check settlement data; Bid evaluation of projects, ...
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