Founded June 26, 2009, Vietnam Valuation IVC JSC is a company specialized in evaluation and corporate finance advisory and project consultancy. Vietnam Valuation IVC has provided services to clients with high quality; it has really captured the credibility of enterprises in all economic sectors and has gradually asserted its ability and shows this is one of a few most prestigious units which provide professional services of valuation in Vietnam.

The offices of Vietnam Valuation IVC are placed in locations to provide services not only in the center of the country but also serves border regions to ensure the provision of information on price and service of asset valuation and advice to all regions in the country.

To ensure the provision of valuation services accurate, convenient and efficient, we’ve assembled a varied database of prices over the years and part of the data has been posted on the website ivc.com.vn since 2010. Since its establishment, the company has focused on the development and application of information technology of valuation, many software applications are developed and used such as: Software of price of asset & machinery, software of real estate prices and map of land prices, etc.

With the functions, duties, policies of quality according to the international and Vietnamese standards of valuation , Vietnam Valuation IVC has recruited and trained a team of professionals with sufficient experience and proficiency in many industrial sectors such as construction, electricity, engineering, economics, finance, law, etc. and incorporated a team of collaborators who are experienced doctoral, master’s, appraisers, auditors, financial experts, bankers. We are committed to bringing our customers the most excellent services according to the motto “Faster, more efficient.”

Credit rating index " Trusted Brand 2014"


Vietnam Valuation IVC understands the role and power of collective wisdom, so we have quickly integrated and collaborated with many valuation enterprises and auditing firms and consulting firms to develop together.

Valuation IVC always cooperates and exchanges experience in valuation in particular and financial advisory in general with many valuation agencies in developed countries in the world and in regions such as US, UK , Singapore, Thailand, etc.

With the combined strengths of its members, Vietnam Valuation IVC has deep understanding of the business environment as well as the regulatory environment in Vietnam and ensure the provision of professional services and business solutions in a comprehensive and effective way and with high quality to clients.